Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stand up for you and other students too!

Emergency Medical Training Professionals in Lexington, KY is not professional.  I would like to use this blog to connect with others that had an awful experience at the school.  While attending the school I realized many students do not make it thru their course.  I saw the majority of classes could not make it out on time.  Instructors seem to come and go quickly.  (Many times I went to class to find out there was not a teacher!) A lot of drama tends to go on and the students are left in limbo while the school tries to figure out what they are doing.

I think that students past and present need to come together and submit a formal complaint with KBEMS and at a national level on the lack of structure and organization at this school.  I find that at random I am meeting many others that had an awful experience at this school.  I believe the school is getting away with it because people feel that one complaint doesn't matter.  I think all complaints matter and there is power in numbers.  Please feel free to post your experience at this school.   You can also contact :